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Rainbow and custom gradient effects with your Textcolor.


An example of a code for a custom gradient (the code is entered into your display text): (text#0#grad#r#g#r90)


Here is a breakdown of the code:


• text#0 - Glow effect for your gradient. Replace 0 with a hex code to set a Textglow or leave it at 0 for no glow.


• grad#r#g - Two color gradients beginning with red and ending with green.


You can use up to 15 colors at once to produce gradient effects.


• grad#r#g#b#000001#ffffff - In this example 5 colors are used in the following order: red green blue black then white.


• r90 - Rotates the gradient 90 degrees clockwise (vertical gradient).


• s1 - Shifts the gradient to the right. The higher the number the more it shifts.


To produce a rainbow gradient simply put (text#0#grad) in your text.

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Having everyone's messages in different/rainbow colors could be very messy on the chat. I think that it's enough that we are able to do it on our display names. I'm sure this power has been suggested in the past a couple of times. Please use the search feature before suggesting.

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I could agree with @LaFleur idea if this can be made possible with client side only having able to use a single a color per messages on the chat, but I think that a gradient texts a little too much.


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