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I want to clear up some confusion with the questions a little bit and provide an example:


(1) What can people count on you for? Stand up for something and talk about it. “Unworthy is a lie. It’s all about the why”.


This question is asking what is something people can count on you to stand up for and say something.  For Example;


People count on me to voice my opinion on certain matters such as bullying because I actively stand up and speak up about bullying in my community, people count on me to be the person to call out the bullying and put a stop to it . There are many examples and different ways you can answer this question and each person will have their own personal experiences in regards.


(2) Forgiveness is powerful. If today was your last day and you were able to forgive, what would you do or say to those who hurt you? Or to those who you last argued with? 


This question is pretty straightforward and to the point so here's an example:


People will always hurt you, and sometimes we may sacrifice a friendship or relationship because of these feelings. But are these feelings eternal? should you always feel the same? On my last day I would remind those who hurt me or argued with me the wonderful times we had. I would serve a reminder to them as to not remember what we had by the negatives but instead by the positives. And to always hold light on the good times.


These are just examples I was able to come up with off the top of my head (with the help of mia).... everyone will have their own views and responses as these questions are unique to the person. If you need more clarification on the questions please don't hesitate to send myself or @miaa a private message and we will be glad to explain it a little bit more thoroughly.


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1.  People can count on me to stand up for what I believe in.  To stand up for the underdog, the unfairness, and to speak up regarding it, even if I make myself look bad for doing it.  

This is true in real life just as much as it is in xat.  We can not have everyone agree with us or see things the same.  I respect everyone's opinion even if they are lashing out at me.

Often times people think I am salty or hate them or that I can not let go of things.  I just fight for what I believe in.


The power of forgiveness.  I don't have it in me to hate.  My downfall is often I forgive to easily.  I give too many chances.  I think this is because I learned at a young age

what real forgiveness is.  I had pent up anger toward someone my whole childhood.  I did not care if this person had lived or died.  Most would of hated him and wished him dead.

Truth is...in college, I forgave him.  It brought me peace.  I realized I had to let it go in myself.  I realized it was him who missed me growing up and seeing who I was becoming. 

The problem was him and not me.  I believe Karma is real.  This persons has a bad life.  He chooses to be lost in darkness wondering state to state, not working, and barely living. 


A few years ago I had the chance to come face to face with this person again.  30 years had passed.  I could of chose to do nothing.  I could of chose to face him.  To rage. To hate him.  Instead, because of this peace in myself,

knowing what he missed out on and that he was the lost one, I took him dinner of spaghetti. I showed him empathy.  I didn't speak of the past.  I didn't even tell him who I was.

I gave him food  along with a doll he had made for me years ago.  And I walked away.  Never looking back.  


2.   I would tell them that Life is too short to hate.  Life is too short to hold grudges.  We all have 1 goal in our life.  That is to be a better us.  To truly be able to forgive others, we must first look into our selves, our hearts,

and be able to forgive ourselves.  When I am feeling down or depressed, I think of those who have it worst.  The homeless.  Children fighting for their lives.  Cancer.  Then the world somehow does not look so dark. 

If you hate...look to the light in yourself.  Forgiveness is not about others.  Its about ourselves!


Thank you Mia for hosting this series of contests.  They are beautiful and inspirational.


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1 good is people who trust people we have people who do others and we do not give people the best

2 usually I forgive when the person at 4 and last chance we all are flawed but we can not be discouraged

3 there will never be last day we will always be friends no matter the distance what matters is the friendship and the knowledge that we have with people both virtual and real life

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1. What can people count on you for?


My friends can always count on me to have their backs in any situation. I'm always going to be upfront

and tell my opinion. I believe that being nice is good and all but makes for a fake friendship if you

force it too much. People need to be criticized to better themselves. Telling a kid that their art is good

is trying to be nice but will one day need to be told that if he really wants to pursue a art career, should

work and practice on it more. In the end, being honest and up front, being there for them every step of the way

and always checking up on them to see how they are doing.


2. Who would you forgive?


If there was on person I could forgive, if it was my last day to live, I'd forgive my stepdad.

I grew up thinking he was abusive, on certain occasions he was, but I think it helped make me

who I am today, and I wouldn't change that for anything else. I'm sure he would be proud to see

the man I am today and see that I'm giving my 110% into everything I can try and accomplish.

I'd then seal it with a hug and thank him.

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1. Even though i go through a lot, people can count on me to be always there for them through thick and thin. I'm always willing to help a person in need if they're also going through a lot. I'm there to be a friend and not an enemy. I don't want anyone to go through what i'm going through in life. I want everyone to stay positive about their lives and hopefully we could get through it together.


2.  I'd honestly forgive everyone who hated me in the past even though there is a few that have made my life worse. I don't want anyone else to deal with the pain and suffering. Everyone deserves to be forgiven some point in their lives.  I'd also still forgive my abusive brother since he's also going through a lot in life, trying to find and job and trying to make it through the world without any scratches and he's always been there for me even though he can be rough at times.

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Disclaimer: I do not want the prize, I am saying this because it really made me think about my own life, which led me to come to these conclusions.


1. I may not have a lot of good qualities, but at least I'm someone you can talk to in a mature, confidential environment if needed. I'll try to hear out your problems and offer the best advice I can. Making another person happy helps bring oneself joy, and that's what I hope to find out of it.


2. If today were to be my last day on this earth, I would have little to forgive, but I would happily come to friendly terms with anybody who asked for it. In reality, I'd be most likely asking others for forgiveness. My imperfections and inability to cope with poor situations only dug my grave, but I would at least try to reconcile for my wrongdoings with those who I've crossed, if not as friends, then as two respectable people.

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