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Thank you for the memories xat!

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Hi all, 


Some of you might know me, some of you might not. Either way, I am just writing to let you know that as of today I will be leaving/quitting xat. I have had an amazing 10 years on this platform but life moves on, and so do we. 


I need to give special thanks to @Addict , @Vale  and @Abbie for trusting me to moderate Trade chat for a short period of time. Extra bigger thanks to Bryan and Vale for also being there for me and for being great friends! Special thanks to @Mario for also being there for me and helping me out with a lot of things. Thanks to all the Contests chat family who have trusted me with being Owner a few years ago and even though most of them have quit, they were a big part of my xat journey. Thanks to all the volunteers and even though I do not know most of you, you are always trying to do the best for this platform which is great! Even though improvements need to be made, you guys try to keep things in order which is essential! Finally, thanks to the @Adminfor giving us this website. Spending 10 years on xat is a long time, so you can all understand how important it is. Sorry if I forgot anyone else, but spending so much time on xat makes you forget some people sometimes. 


As of later today, my current ID (1994) will belong to Aisha so that you guys know this is not me. I have chosen not to transfer my shortname (Home) to any other account so I assume one of you can buy it soon from the shortname section. I might come again every once in a while from my back up account just to say 'Hi' if I have time. 


Thank you all again and I will miss you xat family. You have been amazing and I will always remember you! And as my favorite quote goes : 'Be kind to one another'. 


Much Love  :'(:'(:'(

Carbon - Home (1994) 

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Hello, I do not know if we have communicated or not, but I have heard of you, and I have not heard anything wrong, all right!

That's why I want to thank you for everything you have written here, I like to read everything from the users who helped xat and are always happy with xat.com, even if it is not everything as we all want!

Success in your life, and I hope to see you soon. (hippo)


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Hi Carbon,

I'm Wheeler, I used to chat to you a lot back in 2011-2012 when you would frequent the Yoda Ads chat.

I remember you very well, and you were always a pleasant person to talk to. I still wish I had your old shortname! (HaiL)


Good luck with your future.

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