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Former Volunteer Passed This Morning


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For those of you who knew, Andy had been suffering from health problems for a while now.


Last Friday at 7:58PM CST, Andy sent us a message.

It stated that his health problems had become a little more complicated than before, something we knew had been coming for some time.

He informed us that he was in the hospital and things were not looking good. He said that he would be going dark off everything, which is probably why some of you have not heard from him for a while.

He informed us that it had been great knowing us and being good buds.

Saturday morning, he was released from the hospital, but upon encountering health problems on his own, he chose to re-admit himself later that night.


As of Sunday morning, the group of individuals that had been informed about his situation had not heard anything until now.


It pains me that this has come, but at 4:41AM CST, I (and others) received a message from Andy's family that he had been taken by the lord earlier that morning.

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You enter the xat and get to know friends and time is passing and ends up creating a family inside the xat, and who is out sees how much Brian was special in the life of each one of you here, a faithful worthy man a beautiful a teacher made many people have character

Rest in peace

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Wow andrew aka brian ;( I dont know what to say but I wish you're now in happy place ;( I know we have some problems before  but youve been a good partner to me ;( Thank you for all youve done to me.... ill miss you :'(

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