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Yo, I'm Toxic from xat and I design! You can find me @ Help or Graphics   Prices:   - PCBacks - 1k - Inner BG + Outer BG + Icons/CSS - 2k   *Anything else, just

@denise   @oj    @Rhea   @Madses

@Valdoni  Did not want his posted to the forum, but is viewable in my newest album and is personally my favorite from the 5. @Booh @Leandro @Blacky @oj

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15 hours ago, Shizuo said:

The Amyy pc back looks sick, gj dude. (goo)


Thanks, @Shizuo I like to take my time with Amy's designs, she's always been a great customer.


10 hours ago, Amyyyy said:

Wonderful job, I love your designs @Toxic!  I love my pcback is beautiful thank you (hug) 

@Shizuo where are you |-)


Thanks so much, anytime at all (hug)

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I've also made a new css you can view here (The issue was that mine was being stolen constantly, and xat requires you to have a watermark on anything (including icons) to be able to report stolen graphics.)

They're watermarked now, looking forward to reporting you all.


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Hello xaters,

I am no longer available to be reached on xat.com.
If you would like to request graphics, you can contact me via :

discord @ Tristan#2999


snapchat @ tjshreds

Thanks for all the fun, I will miss quite a few of you.

Edited by Toxic
Added Social Media Contact Info
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