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So I've never been one to necessarily "make" templates. But I took some time and made this one, @Guppy helped with shaping the smilies and I've used this template for a long time, and it's been heavily requested and I've always sort of hoarded it. But I feel that now it's time, so here is my template. All I ask is that you don't remove my signature below the Edit Chat/Sign Out buttons, however you do not HAVE to keep it there.

I hope you enjoy this template and put some great designs on it.


Toxic's Template




To change the color of the smilies (in photoshop):

- Select the layer of the smilies, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it. -

- Go to Layer Style > Color Overlay > Select the Color you'd like. -

- Right Click on the Duplicated Layer and Click "Rasterize Layer". -

- Set the layer to "Hue" or "Color", whichever looks visibly best. -


Featured in this Template: 

Colour Overlays

Colour Corrections


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I appreciate you guys' support so much. Got me to thinking (hmm)


I think it's time for another 5 Free PCBacks!


First 5 to comment get a PCBack on the house. Format goes:





be as detailed as you can please :)

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On 4/20/2019 at 10:20 PM, Marya said:

I want an animated  pcbk if is possible  


Unfortunately xat doesn't allow pcbacks to be animated. I could make you an animated bg set if you wanted, but that's about all I could do with xats restrictions.

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