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Champions League Final Contest 2018


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Predict the result of tonight's Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, including scorers (if you think they will score). This result does not include extra time. 


Whoever predicts the most accurately will win 2,000 xats.


If multiple users correctly predict the same result and/or scorers, they will be entered into a random draw.


Entries close when the game starts tonight.


You can edit your post up until the game starts. Edits after the game starts will result in disqualification. 


Prize holder: me.




Real Madrid vs Liverpool





@zed - Salah (2), Mane, Firmino



@J0hn - Ronaldo



@Flake - Ronaldo | Salah

@Sydno - Ronaldo | Salah



@Discann - Ronaldo | Salah (2)

@LaFleur - Benzema | Salah, Firmino

@MisteR - Marcelo | Salah, Firmino



@AND3 - Ronaldo | Salah (2), Mane



@Mighty1 - Ronaldo, Ramos



@Booh - Ronaldo (2) | Salah



@DonQuijote - Ramos, Ronaldo | Salah, Firmino






@Christina - Ronaldo (2), Isco | Salah

@Leandro - Isco (2), Ronaldo | Mane

@xPaulo - Ronaldo (2), Marcelo | Firmino




@miaa - Ronaldo (3) | Salah (2)




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Predictions added.
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Real Madrid   2 2   Liverpool

18' Ramos                                              63'  Salah

42' Ronaldo                                           82'  Firmino


DonQuijotee (926430628)

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3x1 Real Madrid winning. Crax (585982062)

EDIT: Isco (2) and Ronaldo (1) for Real Madrid. Mané (1) for Liverpool.

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Added the scorers
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Remember to include scorers if you think the team will score. E.g. Ronaldo scores 2, Bale scores 1.


If someone scores an own goal, we'll just go to the closest prediction (the result and/or other scorers).

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Real madrid is gonna win this one. 3-2


Ronaldo: 3 

Salah: 2 

 Ronaldo and Salah get a double then Bale will get the third


Madrid to score first


nature (221192)

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liverpool 4   ( salah(x2)- mane - firmino  )

Real madrid 0


zedd 144541588

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3 hours ago, iDan said:

3x2 Real Madrid

Daaannn (674100639)


34 minutes ago, xAndyx said:

Real Madrid 2 - Liverpool 3

xAndyx (1400214472)


You'll boost your chances of winning if you can guess the correct goalscorers! Otherwise, you'll have to hope that everyone else who predicted the same scores guesses the wrong names. 

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