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How many people are on your friends list?

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I decided to count how many people I have added on my friends list after seeing this thread and I discovered that I have 206 people added.


I thought I had more than 206 people added on my friends list. (wary)


1 hour ago, oj said:

can't unadd somebody because what if they come back someday....


I totally agree.

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Easily more than 500, considering I never unadded anyone, and had a habit back in the day of adding every single person I traded with.

I still have friends from 2010 added who I haven't seen since those days.


I even have like 10 of those 'Wuggy' bots added from 2012.

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more friends is good but to always help you when you need that I made print photo for you will show love my list friends .15 person love it <3 


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