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Hi, there is an issue that very much begins to bother, the elimination of xat rooms.

Yesterday 21 of Mio around 20 hours of Portugal, I was in the xat ajuda and I found that a user came "complaining" about the lack of access to "his" xat room, I say its because it was created by the user and in his -mail that no one would normally have access to, when the room was disassembled or was deleted/reported.

The question is, ... is this possible?

Even for denunciations or for occurrences, there will be an obligation on the part of the person who denounced it to inform the reasons.

Knowing that obviously it would not be a volunteer that did it, I just wanted to know the procedures to follow not to recover the room of xat but the powers that are signed.

The specific case is SeteMaresRadio, which has group powers signed and as the room has a captcha error or error system 1 or sustem problem 1, how will the user go to detune the group powers.

Note that in the intervention that  I recommended to "buy" to the xat of a room that is at the moment RadioSeteMares.

The question is ... how to tune/unAssingn the powers!

It does not even matter to the user who was brutally "exonerated" from his room and that it was violently withdrawn without explanation, but rather how to "UnAssingn" what has it.


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