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ID: 496

Name: Badhead

Status: Limited

Price(store): 233 xats

Wiki page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Baghead


Smilies: (baghead#)(paback#)(pacry#)(padead#)(pagirl#)(pahehe#)(palove#)(pamad#)(panoface#)(patongue#)(pawhatis#)



Pawns: (hat#hB) (hat#hG) (hat#hb) (hat#hp)


Edited by Samuel
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You can literally see how Mihay started working on it, and Mike finished it off.

Has to be one of the funniest powers ever made, for the wrong reasons.

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11 hours ago, DonQuijote said:

Can anybody explain to me what mean smiley (pamad) ? He trying to broke open paperbag with hand or i mistake ? Where is logic ?(meh)

Maybe this is better solution

OAD5pG8.gif      fDY43IN.gif


yeah... definitely trying to open the paperbag... not anything else i swear (swt)

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