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CSSS on editprofile to a textfield

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Can we please change the input field for CSSS on editprofile to a textfield instead of an input so 10k chars doesn't lag our browser to smithereens?

Like for real this seems long overdue. It requires like 2 changes to be made and saves a lot of suffering.


Does everyone agree ?

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I agree with it too.


1 hour ago, Angelo said:

Seems like everyone here agrees it’d be a positive change. When can we expect a rollout? :p 

I dont think you need to care about dat

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@Admin any update on it being done for chatsgroup?

@SlOom @LaFleur 





@adam_ the reason i brought it up in the first place was for copy/pasting, selecting all took like 30 seconds as well as pasting

but idd, it wouldn't hurt to be available for all users, me power or not, and takes no extra work

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On 6/5/2018 at 10:43 PM, Maverick said:



The input fields has been changed to textarea on editprofile. 


textarea only works with the (ME) power in Advanced mode. (The area where you enable the ME power). We are aware that the textarea tag won't work without the ME power. This was purposely done this way.


Fixes that lag that some users experience with lengthy CSS. 


Hopefully chatsgroup is next. (Hopefully done soon).

I never noticed that this change was only made for those with the ME power.

This is nonsensical. Everyone, power or not, if affected by the lag due to the weird CSS hacks that is needed to do inline CSS modifications.


This change should be made for everyone.

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