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Hello to all...
I am a user like all the others of xat and I wanted to express my 'opinion' on the fact of the new power you create ...
Since you have created some nice power, then I would ask who creates them, to do in addition to the simple hat (hat and classic) to put on the pin, maybe a scarf or bandana, but always put, who is obviously recorded ... in short, you do something overwhelming or something very nice, I have made my own idea (you can take it) or maybe, as in word, that everyone writes in chat or italic or bold or underlined while chatting with someone.

Or even singers who no longer exist or actors. Or singers that are there
I expressed what I thought, if you have something to tell me, ok .... sorry but everyone has their own idea to be expressed to all ....
Again, do something nice and overwhelming, because the new power obvious that then people change them ...
A kiss Sara

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Hello @Sara


https://forum.xat.com/forum/28-new-power-testing/ - New Power Testing section is where you can check and get updates of the new powers each week. From there you can inquire more information about the new released powers. The new power this week is called Guineapig.


https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/ - Suggestions section is where you can suggest powers or any ideas to help more improve xat.


And before making any suggestions, I would suggest to read first the guide below:

We would love to hear lovely suggestions from you soon. Good luck! :p

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