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The tribute Graphics chat has been revived and we are looking for designers, regardless of your experience. The chat has a fresh start and we look forward to making it a pleasant place to discuss, buy, and sell graphic designs. We are also looking for dedicated staff,as designers can't always be moderating the chat, and that's not all the chat is about. General discussion is a must have, but the main point of the chat is to exchange graphics and get second opinions to help grow and learn new things! Please remember to be respectful and not belittle others. Before chatting, read the rules below the chat and be sure to follow them. Pop in and say hello! xat.com/graphics


P.S. As soon as enough donations are received, we will be making a Graphics chat Background Contest! So if you're willing to donate, contact me on the Graphics chat. My username is Tox1c. Thanks!

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Graphics is filling up staff positions, but we are still looking for designers from both English AND Spanish sides. If you're interested, send me a message on here, or a FEXmail on xat. Would love to see ideas flowing, and graphics being discussed. Let's get creative and make this chat a great place to be!

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So lately I believe all of the english designers and those associated have come to the agreement that there is no reviving the english side of graphics on xat. The best us remaining english designers can do for now is try to be available when needed, and get names out there the old fashioned way, working for it. However, I also realize it's hard to find a designer now a days and finding customers is just as difficult. So we have decided to bring back the google doc request form. This way no request is ignored (unless it's for xatspace or avatar, those designers are extinct) and everything is handled in a more organized manner. To access this link, go to xat.com/graphics and type "request" then click it.


The only users who can access the responses to this list are users who are staff on the Graphics chat. To earn this, contact @Guppy or me and work out those details. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know. Other than that, request on guys! 


Request HERE

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