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Releasing PROBots source


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Well, I will no longer manage these websites related to "xat bots" so I decided to post my source... It's old (2016), but if you have enough knowledge you can update it or simply use it as a base for any of your projects,.. maybe it can be useful for something.


Before saying that it is missing content, I said in the README.md:




My old PROBots script [DEPRECATED]

This script is missing the table called users that contains: idx, id, user, avatar, home, nick, status, powers, extrapowers, lastseen, d0, d2, optout

Also missing the table called errors that contains: index, type, botid, error, time

And some other tables... called translations and transfer

I'm releasing it because this is my backup stored in my SSD, I wont remake it, I wont use it and I wont help with it, update if you know.



I wish you enjoy it.


Repository: https://github.com/xLaming/probots

ECMD: https://pastebin.com/jqYmUi1U


N.B: I wont help you with the script, more than sufficient I releasing it.

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20 minutes ago, drdrin said:

Thanks ...




But is missing files type the root folder where it went without it the bot will work?

Theres all files ... 


Just missing some tables/columns in the database, nothing too hard to create.

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1 minute ago, Laming said:

Há todos os arquivos ... 


Apenas faltando algumas tabelas / colunas no banco de dados, nada muito difícil de criar.



Thanks in advance

Yes I looked at your files, I have little knowledge in php, but these files will be useful for me to be able to develop

Thanks for answering

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