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Cannot access xat account or chat group


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I had an xat chat group and an xat acct which I haven't accessed for awhile.  When I try to login it gives me an error (25) saying nothing exists (username, email, etc)  I have purchased a lot of powers and would like to regain access to them and my chat group.   When I tried to submit a ticket it wouldn't allow that either, and I asked questions in a help group they said there had been a security breach and pws were reset.  Can I get some assistance please.  

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Reset your password at http://Xat.com/lostpass.  Check your email to reset your password. Then, login with your new password.  If you have lost access to that email, create a new account (https://xthelp.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/how-to-reset-your-identification-number/) and open a ticket under 'Lost Access' explaining you lost access to

the email on your other account (give details like that accounts username/ID). You may be asked some questions to ensure you are the real owner to that other account. 


For your chat group, if you forget the chats password, click 'Edit' below the chat and enter the email associated to the chat in the Lost Password box. You will be emailed  a new password for your chat. Unfortunately if you lost access to the email, an email change for a chat cannot be done and you should just make a new chat.


Hope this helps.

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