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Account Locked


I keep trying to put in a ticket & it wont let me .I talked to a couple volunteers last week about my old account being blocked & I needed it unblocked to get my xats & powers transferred to this account. I was told that the volunteer put in a ticket for it. I have looked everywhere & have not found a ticket. All I have seen is the forum where we were discussing the issue. Please let me know if there is a ticket in already & the ticket ID number.

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Please refrain from creating multiple threads about the same issue. 

As I told you here:

Muffins explicitly told you: 

On 4/17/2018 at 9:32 PM, muffins said:

You now have a ticket open about this problem.

When you receive a response, you will be emailed a link to your ticket as well as a copy of our reply. Be sure to click the link in email (when we reply to it) to be brought to the ticket. Do not reply to the email to answer security questions.

And as I told you here:

You already have a ticket:

23 hours ago, Angelo said:

As you’ve been told numerous times, Muffins opened a ticket for you already pertaining to this issue. You will be e-mailed whenever the volunteers reply to your ticket; until then, you won’t see anything in your inbox. Check back every couple of days, as well as checking your spam folder. 

Proof of you having a ticket opened by Muffins:

EDIT: It seems as if you were opened a ticket on the account "killerkiikii ID#230310936" because you were held indefinitely and were receiving error 55. If you can login into this account at xat.com/login, you may navigate to xat.com/ticket, click on "Check Status", login, and click on the ticket that was opened for you. 

If you have any additional questions, that are not repeated questions that have already been answered, feel free to open a new topic. 

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