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The term "Volunteer"

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A little while ago, Forum Moderators were removed from the "Volunteers" page on the xat Wiki and I think that this was wrongly done.   On xat, the term "Volunteer" really only applies to tic

I agree with most of your points, but there does need to be some specific way to refer to those who respond to tickets. I agree that the term "volunteer" should be broad and include the wiki people an

Well, I didn't really mean half a brain but, you know what I mean - it has less requirements than something like smiley making.   I personally don't really care about topic in general becaus

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9 minutes ago, Brandon said:

@Christina Would it be enough to list only ticket volunteers on that page and just link to separate pages which discuss other types of volunteers?


I thought this was the consensus.

I think as long as all are listed somehow..it is fair.  Just don't like leaving out 1 category only.

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10 hours ago, Steven said:

So you're saying that ticket volunteers deserve the recognition and you wouldn't have been a volunteer if you didn't get it, but smiley makers should not want recognition because wanting it = not truly caring? That is really really really hypocritical, no? Am I misunderstanding?


I don't think Stah's argument is that the different types of volunteers should be recognized more than they currently are, but rather the term "volunteer" should be expanded to include the other forms of volunteering because the definition of the word "volunteer" perfectly describes what they do for xat.


I think Jedi's solution is a good one.

No. I'm making a point in that being recognized as a Volunteer is something special, and that if most Volunteers weren't acknowledged for what they do then most wouldn't do it. I could care less what happens. Either way I'm fine with whatever they decide to do. 

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