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ID: 492
Name: Seasons
Status: Unlimited
Price: 222 xats


Wiki: xat.wiki/seasons

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For (earthspring) (earthsummer)  (earthautumn) (earthwinter) you got some more options:


earthspring: wf = flower , wr = rainbow , wb = butterfly

earthsummer: ws = sun , ww = waterlemon  , wt = strowbery

earthautumn: wr = rain , wp = pumnkin , wl = leaf

earthwinter ws = snow


e.g (d#earthspring#wr) for falling rainbows etc.

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16 hours ago, Mihay said:

Thanks !!!

This time yes, congratulations for the power, it has been very good, as indirect to see if the next can be starwars

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14 minutes ago, drdrin said:

I mean that the pawns are repeated








do (something) again, either once or a number of times.


Well, if you take a look at https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hat , you’ll see none of the pawns are “ Repeated “


If, however, you mean to say that the pawns have been used in the past, this may be due to the fact that Earth day is right around the corner. Some old pawns may have been used to commemorate the holiday. This has been done a multitude of times, such as around Christmas, xat’s anniversary, or other international/national holidays. 



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11 minutes ago, Angelo said:




rəˈpēt /


faça (alguma coisa) novamente, uma vez ou várias vezes.


Bem, se você der uma olhada em  https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hat  , você verá que nenhum dos peões é "repetido"


Se, no entanto, você quer dizer que os peões foram usados no passado, isso pode ser devido ao fato de que o Dia da Terra está bem na esquina. Alguns peões antigos podem ter sido usados para comemorar o feriado. Isso foi feito várias vezes, como em torno do Natal, do aniversário do xat ou de outros feriados internacionais / nacionais. 



Congratulations you got my answer, there's a step to admin by your smart


earthy -  pawns - Moon

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On 4/23/2018 at 6:15 PM, adam_ said:

I would love to agree with you, but this time I can't. Seasons twists up the smiley selection and adds different types of smiley effects that kind of adds to snowy. This IS in fact different, unique, and to a certain extent useful.

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