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Stifler's advice is the correct solution regarding this 'issue'.


1. Go to the "Edit" page and login.

2. In the Background field, submit your background url (direct link).

3. Click at "Save Changes", not "Upload or search for image" button.


Once you've done that, the outer background will be saved and you won't receive the Timed out error.


If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

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Good morning,


In case you're trying to change the outer background on the edit page, i advise you to just paste the bg link without clicking on "Load or search for image". This is also happening with me on Troca and the solution i told you is working with me, i hope it works for you.

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Does it at least let you in the chat's setting page?


This message implies that your request failed to go through or vice versa the server fails to send anything back to your computer showing you acceptance, this problem could be fixed if you do the same process again, you can reply on your thread here if it didn't work!

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