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I want to know what's going on with my chat


I did 2 tickets to you I wrote that my chat is not deleted or banat and then why does not my chate show up populated or suported ??? please be nice to take measures I have 3 chats bought from xat.com and all I'm running xat.com/addo, xat.com/xaddo and xat.com/addofm please be nice to take the attitude I've put my euro in these chats ok if it is deleted I want a reply yes it is deleted or baned or delistat, although you answered that it is not wrong with my chat .....

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If you opened a ticket about your chat being deleted/delisted and haven’t gotten a reply yet, then you’ll need to continue to be patient and wait for a reply.


If you have received a reply but didn’t receive the reply you were expecting, (perhaps your question was misunderstood), you can re-reply to the ticket and ask for clarification. 


Please note that opening a thread on the forum is a great way to get more information, but the only way to have your issue resolved is through xat’s ticket system. 


If you have any additional questions, feel free to open a new topic. 

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