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Balloon/Bubble and Scuba Ban

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Ok so basically this is just a like game/gameban suggestion(s). 


1) Bubble Gameban?

I'm sure this game is familiar to some people. Basically you shoot bubbles at the similar color to make the bubbles disappear. The objective of the game is to make the board clear in the fastest amount of time. What would be cool with this game as a gameban would be that if it was only an hour gameban, the board would have less bubbles you need to clear. Whereas a 50 hour ban, would have a larger board to clear. The screenshot below doesn't happen to show that you can actually see what colour comes out before you shoot it (sorry). But ya... hope you like it!

Here: https://gyazo.com/9a21150db9f8723c606bc3578d50e575  (yes I made it :$)


Last note: This could potentially become xat themed if the bubbles were actually smileys :$ 


2) Scuba ban? Sea ban?

In this game, you basically have to cross the end of the ocean without getting hit by sharks or fishes. The longer the game ban, the longer the path is. 

Here: https://gyazo.com/f1abf46573317cb722e2a12cd31dd3d8


And I think that is all. Let me know your thoughts!


P.S I finally figured out how to take an animated screenshot so yay :$ 


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6 minutes ago, Crow said:

Can we import the shark noise into the scuba game? :$

My god, can we not, that sound is so irritating, I still remember the days when people would spam it constantly in flirt. *Shutters* 


Back to the topic at hand, I would actually like a bubble gameban type. I've always enjoyed those types of games when I was little, so I wouldn't mind seeing it be added to xat. Instead of the typical bubbles, maybe they can add xat emoticons, to make it more xat themed?

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