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xat History - Did you know?


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Well! I always try to google old photos of xat to know how it was before my arrival in 2009, which were the most outstanding volunteers and the Main Owner of my favorite chat. . But apparently there is not much record on this, I think the most loved volunteer was someone named Jesse, then Joombly.


I do this because I like to know every day more about xat, also how they achieved so much in the community, I had no idea that this was so before I find it very interesting. It would be good if someone else shared their memories. (goo)

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On 4/4/2018 at 6:19 AM, Fact said:

I don't think this is known by really anybody except for those who were around so long ago...


But for those that did not:



  • Owners were originally yellow, not orange.
  • You could only be owner or a guest, mods and members weren't added yet.
  • There was no ban system, all you could do was ignore a user and turn them grey.
  • Profile's only had two buttons, 'Private Message' and 'Ignore'
  • There was no way to check your ID.






Also, as a side note:


  • The xat sounds are those from MSN, from 2002.


when we say for exemple here you said " xat history " it means normally when xat started ? who made ? how it appeared ? ... you talk about " owners were yellow not orange ... "  that is an important informations but it has nothing to do with history, what you said is " evolution " 

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