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"Lost Authenticator Code"


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Good evening to any xat Volunteer, I am having trouble logging in to my xat account. I had google authenticator set up for my account on my iPhone, however I deleted the app and now when i tried to relogin and redownloaded the app i keep getting an error message. Please set the clock on your device, GMT TIME ERROR 33. THEN IT GIVES ME an error code 35 saying the code is invalid. I need a volunteer to please help me open a ticket to help me resolve this situation, because my account has much of my xat powers on it and I am trying to regain access to it and continue to use xat and purchase the powers that I am now missing. I now cannot get a correct authenticator code because of this. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Please private message any volunteer with their message box open the following information:


1) Your ID & registered username

2) The e-mail address tied to your account

3) Whether or not you can access the e-mail address

4) Reason for needing a ticket (Lost Auth)


You can find all of the volunteers here: forum.xat.com/staff


Once you deliver all of the necessary information, a volunteer will be able to open a ticket for you. From there, they’ll be able to provide further instrunctions on how to answer the ticket, and approximately how long it’ll take to receive a reply. 


Good luck!

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