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blocked account


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I made another topic yesterday and did not help with anything

I logged blocked and can not do ticket

I can not access my phone I installed the application to tickle

Ticket can not do

" You must have made a payment (by purchasing xats) to open a ticket in some sections. "

solution ?

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Did you follow the instructions given by @Stah on your previous thread?

I'm not sure if they were two separate concerns, but I'll address "both":


a) If you need your token code reset:


 Open a ticket with the "Lost Auth" Help Topic using the email associated with the account that has authentication active. If you see the "username" and "password" boxes instead of the "email" box, then clear your cookies and re-visit the open a ticket page.

**As always, make sure the subject of your ticket is 5+ words in length.

**Make sure that the email field in the ticket UI contains the email that has auth active.

  You can test this at http://xat.com/login by trying to login with the email in the username field.


b) If you're struggling with the security check, E64:

Check the e-mail associated with your xat account for an e-mail from info@xat.com

This e-mail will contain a login link with a pin attached that will verify you.

It will look like: //xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php?Pin=...

All you need to do is simply login as normal using the login link given.


If you're still having issues, reply here and screenshot if you can.

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Did you select the "Lost Auth" Help Topic at ticket...?

You don't need to be a paid user, as stated on your previous thread.

> Example ticket <


I'm assuming it's asking for a 6 digit code at login.

If this isn't the case, let us know.

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