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Such a good interview @Sydno :$




Trust is hard and a funny thing. There are different levels of it. Chris always told me I was too trusting and to trust no one. Funny how that works. I have learned that you can’t trust people that you THINK you can. There are always ulterior motives.

Well said, @Christina. Kudos! 

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Surprisingly, I'm wary with trust as well. I do trust my parents to a certain degree though.... My trust is earned over a long period of time. If someone does something against me or something, they loose my trust. Being an introvert as well, this contributes a lot to be having an issue over trust. It just takes a long time for me to trust people. I have opened up after the past few years with trust, but I still have a long road away with it. I feel I need to open up more, but not too much.. 




I found if I am too open with trust certain people can use that to an advantage. I trusted one of my old friends so much I told them my crushes' name. He then told his friend and then told my crush. I have never talked with him after that. He lost my trust completely and I will never trust him again. 


It's these incidents where I learned not to trust people too much. That's why like I said before I 'always have my defenses up.' Every day at school I have them up, even if I'm on a walk with my dog I have them up...


I do think I need to trust people more, but the crush incident has set me back a long time with trust. 


Ironically someone I truly trust is my dog.... I also trust a few more people who I do not wish to name. 


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One thing xat and Christina has taught me is that your can never fully trust someone on xat. This applies to the majority of users. Because you never know a persons true intentions until they show it. It sucks to hear but unfortunately it's true. The saying every man for himself really does apply to xat.

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