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IOS Testflight 1.10.2

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2 minutes ago, Page said:

What’s new? 


nothing. probably fixing bugs that shouldn't exist

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On 3/7/2018 at 6:17 PM, Cryo said:

nothing. probably fixing bugs that shouldn't exist

Yes, I had some problems to see the people’s on xat in some cases. I’ll try now the att. 

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xat 1.11.2 (May 10 2018) is out.


Install if you can. Minor issues and some small bugs fixed along with numerous improvement(s). Report the bugs in the bug section or to me via PM.


Feel free to add to the list if you see something new and I'll update this post.


What's added:


1/ BFF and Marry symbols now show.

2/ Text improvements. Much more bolder and clean.


- Will continue to add more here. 


Known bugs:


1/ Cannot click on the friends list.

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xat 1.12 (1.12.0) for iOS is ready to test. 


Available for TestFlight users.


What's new and fixed bugs:

  • When clicking someone on your friends list, you're brought a screen with more options, such as private chat, private message, etc, etc. 
  • Friends list fixed. Where you couldn't click your friends to private chat them is now fixed.
  • Link power re-fixed.
  • Settings area gives a more descriptive information on the app version and time. Currently: Version 1.12.0 Jul 15 2018 12:44.
  • Friends list should be syncing now. (Hopefully).
  • %Chatname now fixed.
  • Minor CSS tweaks adjustments.

Known bugs:

  • Not updated for iPhone X users yet. [Soon to happen].
  • Help bubble icon (or announcement icon) is close to the texts. 
  • Able to ban, kick, guest other users who are offline, or in a different chat and it won't appear in flash or HTML5.

More information will be added. 


Any bug complaints, use the Bug Tracker section and report it there. 


Overall, lots of improvements to the current version and bugs being fixed. 

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