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new power (allgroup)

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this idea of power is that I always thought, like all the powers of xat there is everypower this allgroup would be the power that you get when you get all the powers of the group, it would not be just that, you are tired of creating a group and staying signing right? so this power would end this tedium of signing a power for one by clicking on it you can be signing all the powers of group in your xat ending with tedium





when you activate all







when you disable all





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I like your idea, Will. Assigning a lot of your powers to a chat is tedious. Your suggestion would help a lot.


I think this power/feature should work in one of three ways:

  1. You could acquire Allgroup by buying every group power on xat. You would say the smiley on chat, and follow the normal power assign procedure. This would assign all group powers that are currently NOT assigned in a chat. This would not include doubles.
  2. You would be able to purchase the power in the store, making it an unlimited power obviously. The function would be the same as option one (highlighted in red).
  3. The power would be acquirable by owning two or more group powers. The function would be the same as option one (highlighted in red).
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1 hour ago, 6 said:

Shouldn't be this a feature in the edit group page rather than being a power?


Instead of being new a power it could be a new smilie (free) that is unlocked when you get all the powers of groups like allpowers.


I think what Will wants to say in the suggestion is that if you assign allgroup in your xat, the rest of the powers will be assigned in your group automatically and you will only have to activate them. Unlike the current method that you must assign each of the group powers. 

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