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Mobile Version 1.10.1 Release - Android only

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Before some comments are posted, I would like to clarify that yes there are still some "important" bugs that were required to be fixed but it was important for the admins to switch quickly on IOS to be able to deploy an update on both platforms.


Just to let you know; 35 bugs were fixed on the application and still more to fix. 


And as always, if you find any bugs; make sure to post in the bugs tracker.

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1 hour ago, LaFleur said:

A new mobile version has been released, currently only available for Android.

VIsit the Google Play Store to download the latest version.


Version number: 1.10.0 (beta)



- All html5 bug fixes to date have been applied to the mobile app.

- Me profile has been improved, amongst other things long names won’t break the user profile anymore.

- Actions profile has been improved (when you click at other users).

- Asethetic improvements have been made, such as spacing issues.

- You can now add/edit your status in Me profile

- Issue with keyboard overlapping dialog boxes has been fixed. 

- An issue with different languages breaking dialog boxes has been fixed.

- Push notification pop-up message has been moved to settings page

- You’re now automatically redirected to banpool after getting banned

- Multiple issues with registration have been fixed

- Parantheses for unregistered user ID’s have been removed

- Long links won’t be divided into multiple lines anymore

- If you get kicked you can now click at the chat within the tab and you will be reconnected

- You now receive more information regarding a couple of errors.

- Help link in menu has a redirect to wiki now. 

- Emojis are now supported (partly)


More updates and improvements will follow soon. 




It's fantastic that the app of xat has improved. Impressive development! I will wait with anxieties for other new updates!

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A new update has been added to fix the animations for smilies/pawns.


If you have an issue with "me" page not showing your informations, please clear the cache of the application and then relogin.


Version: 1.10.1

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It was about time we got an update for mobile, thank you for this. I've taken a look at it and I'm happy with how it came out. I'm still very troubled, though, that the design for the Android is messy. I would love for it to look like the iOS version. This is to be consistent, and because it's a better design overall.

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