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Hi guys!!

the power I want to create is between two characters, RAMSES and CLEOPATRA, perhaps the name may be different, instead of Egyptian2, anyway, the crown of ramses and cleopatra are separable so they can be combined with other smilie, below I will explain the others:

where the hand has the power to be added, or some effect such as the scepter ANKH can be put into ramses, or the Cobra's into Cleopatra - the smilies can they may be of different crowns,



Ramses - Cleopatra (Pharaoh blue-gold ramses, gold-orange Cleo crown separable)

- Ramses scepters - Cleopatra Scepters (scepters separable with crown normal d#Rscepters; d#Cscepters )

- Ramses Pluma (pluma separable) - Cleopatra Spiritualism (black hair and smile moon and magic vase appears separable)

- Ramses Cobra's (face gold crown normal separable hands cobra's separable) - Cleopatra Ankh (crown pharaoh cobra gold) 

- Cleopatra Snake (black hair with crown snake gold caress the cobra on the left back of her) - Ramses Hawk (similar with crown like below hawk dx of face)

- Ramses Drink Golden Cup (crown light) - Cleopatra Eat Grapes (normal hair)

- Ramses Pharaoh Gold - Cleopatra caress the cat.
  Awi66xp.png     ramses_the_great_by_radialart-dbfjzw7.pn           





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I did some smilies for this power:


Ramses Ankh change face in mummy, cleopatra spiritualism and eat grapes, cleopatra cobra1 & cobra2, rambes cobras can use the forehead of six face gold, caress the cat have hair gold.


7uDKtd.jpg zUEdbZ.jpg KoDM0Z.jpg  p6kQzm.jpg smRren.jpg 6kZO2x.jpg 1gpkgd.jpg ZXWrJq.jpg iAJvAh.jpg qoQkBC.jpg  6VPNKa.jpg

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hello sorry for not passing this before I've been somewhat busy.
The idea that I have in mind is that when the text of the hug comes out with 2 anubis next to the text.
I hope you like my idea is the best thing that could happen to me here I leave the example


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