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Sohbet and Help Animated Backgrounds.

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12 hours ago, Shizuo said:

Sohbet one is sick dude omg.. @iSanty


Thank you bro!


11 hours ago, Sevda said:

Thanks a lot for your great work @iSanty ❤❤❤

You are welcome sev! ❤❤


10 hours ago, Jedi said:

Nice but broken on html5 version.

Thank you! I didn't know that, It should be fixed.  @SlOom

Edited by iSanty
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@iSanty I appreciate your work. But i think official chat for help need to have normal background not animated, why ? I spend a lot of time on help chat and many people come with question ' how to turn off animated background (eg. xat5) ' because have problems with slow chat, connection issues and other things (for me the same). Users come  there to solve problems, not create new.  Continue with your work i support you.

Edited by DonQuijote
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