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Story that makes you cry


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Hello Xaters

I will be gone for a while, I will be busy, so I opened this topic, thank you.
And I want to leave a written story that can make you cry, what do you say about it?
I wish you a good year, and I hope to see you soon! Bye (hug)  

The family father came home and his daughter ran to hug him and asked,
- Dad, how much do you earn per hour?
Father responds angrily!
"What do you want to know?" I earn 100$.
Then the daughter says ..
- I wanted to ask 50$, Dad.
Her father said with an angry face.
- Go to your room! Do you think I find money in the trash?
The girl rolled her eyes with tears and went into the very sad room.
One hour later ...
The Father thought:
- Why did she ask for 50$ if she has not asked for so much money so far?
Then he decided to go to his daughter in the bedroom and asked:
- Daughter, are you awake?
The little girl replied:
- Yes, you can go in.
Father said:
- Daughter, I think I was very rude to you and I deduced from you my daily stress, I'm sorry, here are the 50$ you asked for.
The girl rose quickly and took 50$ under the pillow, the money she had gathered for some time.
Then her father asked again:
- Why did you ask me for money if you already had the amount you asked, and why did you keep that money ???
The girl replied:
- I wanted to put all the money together to make 100$ to buy an hour of your time to play or to have dinner with me, take the father, I pay!
The man stumbled, hugged his daughter and cried a lot, asking for forgiveness.
Conclusion of the story: Do not reduce people's problems and stress everyday, you do not know the importance that you have for them.

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