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Who is your favorite Disney character? (shows&movies)


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I am creating the Disney background for Disney week at http://xat.com/Contests

I need your advice--


Who is your favorite animated Disney Character?


Evil or Good, does not matter because both will be included.


Also something else important:

If there are any other characters such as secondary characters that you would like to see on the background, please include them.

For example, Gill, from Finding Nemo will be included in my background.


One more thing-- Pixar is owned by Disney so those characters are good too! :)


Thanks everyone!

Disclaimer: Not all suggestions will be used. Just need some ideas.


Current List of Suggestions:


-Gill (Nemo)

-Simba (Lion King)

-Woody (Toy Story)

-Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

-Hook (Peter Pan)


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It's hard to choose between some of the characters in Lilo and Stitch. I like Lilo because she can be awkward and has trouble fitting in, which I relate to. I also like Nani a lot too because she tries her best to be a good big sister to Lilo but also handles things by yelling 'Go to your rooooooom!', which is probably how I would cope around children as well. She also gets easily stressed out which I can also relate to. 


In short, I like these characters because I am socially awkward and get easily stressed. 


Putting in Stitch would probably look better in the background, though. (If you've already made the bg it's ok, I just wanted to answer the question)

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