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New power Devilmon

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Hello friends after an inactive time for the university, I have returned with many ideas, I present the new power Devilmon

This power is composed of the following smileys:


4QhXKkz.png (devilmon)


2-(dvshy) covering his face flushed with his wings


3-(dvredface) with a flushed face


4-(dvhug) expand your wings to give a big hug


5-(dvloving) with hearts in the eyes and small hearts that spin on their horns


6-(dvmad) with an angry face and releasing a blue fire that around him


7-(dvlove) This smile will have a pink color, with a thoughtful expression and love with hearts coming out of his thought (the hearts are small and come from the bottom up, with a limit of 4)


8-(dvclap) applauding with wings


9-(dvbite) opening his mouth to try to bite (this one has small sharp teeth)


10-(dvsleepy) sleeping with a little blue bubble coming out of his nose


11-(dvexploit) he concentrates energy with an angry face and explodes releasing a celestial flame that leaves a trail of smoke when it fades


12-(dvbounce) bouncing with a happy face, and in each bounce the devilmon changes color (the limit for these colors can be 4) these colors can be (black, white, red, pink)


13-(dvsad) with a sad face, and the horns bent a little down


14-(dvcrying) crying letting out small tears that he cleans with his left wing


15-(dveat) a devilmon eating rice balls that are thrown towards the


16-(dvkisslove) the devilmon male (black) and the female (pink) giving each other a kiss, and creating a half black and pink heart that rises in the middle of the two, while they are blushing


17(dvkiss) giving a tender kiss, winking the eye




for the pawns:

1- With the wings of devilmon and celestial horns.

2- A devilmon with a blue fire around.


It can be unlimited or a power of room


Thank you for your attention, I hope you like it. It should be noted that I'm bringing something different to what has been coming out in the market, it is 2018 and I think you should innovate with new things that have not been seen on xat.com.


A cordial greeting for all, that pass happy late. :)

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We have Minimon's is a power very similar to the one you are suggesting.


Perhaps if you put more or other examples I could help with some ideas. You could start by not putting the same faces as always (sry).

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The name if you can make believe that it has a resemblance, but the dimensions are different, the form and essence of power. If there are details that could be improved, but my work is limited because I do not have the tools to express it as I would like. I try to do what I can, greetings and thank you for your opinion.

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