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hey guys!! ae2lq9.png  let's try to create a nice k?

TODAY, i want suggest a nice prehistoric smilie, k Mammut !! testa-del-mammut-71699244.jpg  kMa the start smilies!

THE SMILIE they can be a mix of men and woman! the female has her hair gathered up with a bone, not all my suggestions are right.

Smilies:(these are some examples of ideas): kMammut - kmaROSE (male - proboscis rose)  //  kmaHEHE (like hehe male and female)  //  kmaHEARTS (sweet eyes black with little hearts and few - male and female)  //  kmaANGRY (with small light eyes and proboscis nervous he moves it like a damn!!)  //  kmaNOD (banod example)  //  kmaWINK-LIGHTING  (female and male)  //  kmaILU (little heart like kskiss male and female)  //  kmaHALO (male)  //  kmaTICKED-COLD  (male and female)  // kmaNO-SAD  //  kmaTIRED-Zz //  kmaSHAKE (male and female)  //  kmaHI-fire (male and female) //  kmaREDFACE (male)  //  kmaTHINK (exclamation)  //  kmaBOMB  //  kma-KING (male crown King)  //  kmaFLAMING (male amd female the teeth are little inflamed)  //  kmaBOW (female)  //  kmaREDFACE  (female)  //  kmaBLOWKISS (female)  //  kmaINLOVE-PRINCESS (love eyes and crown - female)  //  kmaREDEYES (male like a goo)  //  kmaTONGUE (female the proboscis it makes the tongue movement)  //  kmaBUTTERFLY (female)  //  kmaREDEYES (female - become a red eyes evil like a goo)  //  kmaHYPNO (female)  //  kmaNUTS (female she lance nuts)  //  kmaGym (female)


Hat: hair and teeth of mammut   -  proboscic rose  -  teeth inflamed           (you can suggest some ideas)  

HUG: (1) the cave has the mammoth KING that appears, the screen goes up and the prehistoric background appears or (2) the mammoth female in the forest takes the butterfly.


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It sounds like a decent counterpart to Elephant (which you've not made reference to!) It has a different colour, texture, design (ears, tusks) - and lots of potentially different faces.


Pawns: mammoth, woolly pawn, caveman skin, icy pawn, giant tusks, melting pawn


Hug: Ice Age landscape with the mammoths walking across a glacial plain. Maybe the user's avatar could be encased in ice somewhere. Or the user's avatar falling through ice, with a mammoth in the background.

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On 6/2/2018 at 8:20 PM, ANGY said:

Different actions could be added to the Mammoth, such as in the gym.


i like this one Gym (kmaGYM) thanks Angy!! 

we can try to add also one of valentine, rose!!  try telling me which one you think is not suitable and add a new one.

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