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Until 2017, requirements for an advanced member were 40-45 and then 50 posts.

Now there is no requirement, it is much simpler, you need to be active, add original posts, new good suggestions that have not been suggested, new topic, everything that is useful to xat forum.
And when it is decided that you deserve an advanced membership you receive, I know what the requirements are, but for safety and the removal of abuse I will not reveal the limit of posts to gain an advanced member.

I created this topic because many people ask what needs to be done to win an advanced member, and I decided to create this topic with a discreet answer. (a short and clear answer)

`-´ You need to be Advanced member to change the image cover.
`-´ You need to be Advanced member to create Club´s Forum. The last update 2018.
`-´  You need to be Advanced member to create Signature Forum. I am not sure of this.  :$ 

More info Forum
0, Staff
- XATAdministrators, XATVolunteers, FORUMModerators.
1,  General Forum Guidelines
2, Clubs
3, USERS Online

Official Clubs Forum:
Help, Ajuda, Aiuto, Ayuda, Chat, Cambio, LojaAssistance, AjutorPomocyLa_stanzaYardimTroca

Official Radio Club Forum:

Official Bots Clubs Forum:
ARCBots.com, -  FEXBots.com

Unofficial Club Forum:

Club Forum MundoSmilies - Here you find a lot of modified smiley, smilies codes, smilies combinations.
Club Forum Fundos - A graphics club  Português.
Club Forum XATers - XATers.com «


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