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 H E L L O        


 Name : Phoenix or Phoenixes             https://prnt.sc/t1ldq8






- can be designed in different colors

- but the first smile fire

- ice alternative   ( Sample ) :  (ICEPHOENIX) or (FIREPHOENIX) 

- a power that can be considered 

- Limited or Special (New  Category)






Sample : Photos       

download.png    download.png  



I updated the subject again ,  I think this power can be designed for HTML5 ,

why not a radiant force where we can feel the glow of the fire and ice , 

I think it will look really nice power that can fly in HTML5



Images from within the game


download.thumb.png.1dc05bce2d6f995661298734a3a71e6b.png        download.thumb.png.905b411248afc57fe950d801ad691950.png      download.thumb.png.62a59dccf498e9dc4f9ed1c21b5a98ee.png




I think this video is more descriptive if you watch more alternative


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I think this would be a cool power suggestion. How about a thunder phoenex, too? If we already have fire and ice phoenixes. I like mystical creatures like dragons, the yeti or phoenixes.

And we already have complex animations on xat => see (bomb) smiley or (ufo) smiley or (angel) smiley , for example. So why not again?


But please, not Limited (ono) I dislike limited powers because I dislike trade. Especially now that xat is a bit dead. Gotta wait for xat to get the visitors it deserves again for better trading!

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