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XatArena or Xatfields

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H E L L O     F R İ E N D S



New Power or not Power : XatArena or Xatfields or Xatgames


 What does it mean  ?


-All xat game powers will be 

- They will all be played in this playground

- There will be a certain betting system       

  (do what you pay with ? , xats  )

-How to play ?

 (Mutual win on the selected game)


Sample :  Snakerace >> The display will show 2 registers    A account  vs B account  anyone put on 10 xat 20 xat 30 xat 40 50 (Limit 100 or more ) the winner will be announced at the end of the game


Note : pay attention 10 20 30 40 50 100 xats ( only bets)


 - Certain days will be played

- The player will compete for the prize ( but the betting awards will be audiences )

- xat.com  the rewards determine their own power or xats

- Will be broadcast live

-Matches will be in the tournament

 - Final match the winner will be certain


Games :  (zwhack) ,  (darts) , (switch) ,   (hearts) ,  (spacewar) ,  (snakerace)  , (matchrace)  , (doodlerace)  and new  games powers


your ideas ?

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