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Goodbye, xat.


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I don't know your main account, and nor do I think it is needed to know.


I sent you a message sometime in September, and that message still holds true; it went something along the lines of: keep up the suggestions because they will eventually listen... and I still think they will.


I am not one to defend Admins avidly as I am on the same boat as you, we see the same things: NOTHING is being done. But it has come to my realization that they are just too busy at the moment to keep up with everything. I think the main priority at the moment is getting HTML5 as a working concept. (not just testing). And it seems with their small manpower, time is very limited, and things get done at a pretty slow pace. 


I say, give them a chance. The way I see it is,  Let HTML5 come out and out of beta stages, and IF THEN, nothing is done as far as progressional  development that will fix some of the current issues, then I will take a leave as I do not see an reason to stay on a dying site with no development.(that is my point of view)


But if you think the community is not being heard, then that is a wrong assumption. The community outraged on html5 development being needed, and it is currently getting worked on. The community recently outraged on inefficient support system and inactive vols, and as you can see it is being worked on. I don't know if these are indirectly or directly causations of the community outraging, but we can see things changing. So.. although change is coming slow, IT IS coming..


I Myself, would love to see you still be active on the forum and sharing your thoughts, as without a group of people like yourself the creativity of what xat CAN BE will diminish. Although users who suggest feel like they are not being heard, you guys have a major role when it comes to the future of xat. IF you are adamant about your decision and it still remains, then I wish you enjoy your chatting adventure outside of xat!


Thanks for your suggestions! I wish you well on discord! (although it sucks) :$ 

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Very well said @Njthug .

I agree at most of the things you said.

But i know and i am sure you also know that nothing is going to happen .

Many of like us have already quit for same reasons. 

Well i hope have a better life ahead.


Luckyj1993 (917210101)

Xattrade Moderator

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It's sad to see you go, you've given some pretty good and clear suggestion to improve the site, but you don't have to give up that quickly, just give the site a chance, now that they are working on a new version of it, maybe all the things you suggested may be implemented, i sure hope so.

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8 hours ago, Njthug said:

 My suggestions for anyone who wants to check them out: changelogs bugfixes and updates

You could see this topic for changelogs related to html5: https://forum.xat.com/topic/5488-html5-chat-changelog/ - This came up based on user's requesting it.

You could also see the bug tracker related to any kind of bug fixes about xat: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/ - We are updating this actively to keep users aware.


As for the rest of your suggestions, they're quite good, i saw them in the past (some are also on this list for possible consideration), so thanks for that. Unfortunately complex ideas cannot be easily implemented, they require time which is prioritized for the html5 chat, however we've been forwarding a good amount of suggestions for html5 (currently bugs are being fixed actively).


Anyway, it's sad to see you go and i wish you the best.

Maybe we'll see you again at some point. Take care.


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