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Hi guys uPktqHc.png

a suggest with this pretty hairy being, BigYETI

a nice character, to do better than the current TOAD, and create something fun and at the same time serious, I try to set some smilies entire, sitting fish,  BigYeti-cooking-fire and BigYeti-sitting-folded, I think the hands of the Yeti must be like the devil, below a example of him, for other smilies, I think until the belly is enough:

a4fmOZ6.png   efi2Wyl.png     HAT: pawn little big hairy - Big guns hairy - popcorn hairy 


smilies (is a little Big): (BIGYETI) hairy wind - Sir (baton and hat) - nervous-chest - touch a muscle arm - squirrel-friend - big guns - catch butterfly still - eat popcorn  - take a rose (elbow and bunch of roses) - sleep (Zzz)  - puke rainbow - PTY - sitting fish (sun)  - (SITTING -Arms FOLDED) - (SITTING-COOKING).


HUG: the user walk and meet the Big-Yeti Sitting cooking.

NOTE: i accept advice of any smilies - hat,hug included

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36 minutes ago, Alee said:

Guys, i Little FIXED this suggestion, trying to create a new kind of power as angry (BIG GUNS!!) smilie!!

you can tell me if it's ok with you


Are you suggesting a new name of power called (BIGGUNS)? If so, then it would be better to edit this whole post or make a new post and give us a little more information about the power.


And I think that it would be a good idea if you can add your YETI related suggestion to Angy's thread, I'm sure your suggestion will be taken into account.

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no @6,  BIGGUNS are his guns that come up BigYetiBigGuns, the problem is that as you say, and as angy suggested,  the smilie have their always same effect, or dizzy or love or think, sad, joy, kiss and others, the only thing, I saw add in toad Flaming and Hypno, maybe BigGuns can be a new form of smilie, it's just to change, then if they want to do the Yeti with the usual smilie,  I can give you reason and tell you maybe it's better if you take a cue from the suggestion of angy..


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