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Feature to delete/block swear words

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xat should introduce a feature where a user can checkmark an option to block swear words. This feature would delete the swear words everytime a user speaks it. It would help them to not get banned on chats. Those who would have this option unchecked are free to swear and those words wouldn't get deleted by xat.. they'd still get banned as per the rules of the chats.


This would be a good thing as people would choose to swear or not to swear. A 24h ban for typing a swear word is way too harsh and sometimes there's also not a warning/kick but direct ban. :(

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The option to hide them already exists as stated above. However, regarding the ability to delete, there are several languages that have "supposed swearing" but are actually common words, only written in another language. This option to delete messages would conflict with such languages and it wouldn't be possible to bring them into a joint group.


Bot's permissions are far below the option to remove unwanted words or edit to hide them. Their ability to adhere doesn't fit this question, just to detect written words and apply sanctions on them (like direct banishment).


In addition, as for the part of being banned directly, this varies from chat-by-chat, each one has its rules for swearing. In most official chats, if you use low slang words unintentionally, the staff will get your attention giving you a lesser punishment. If you just sign into a chat to offend directly, ban is the right thing to do.

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@Nixs For starters we can try with the language English as it's the official language for most of the chats. If it gets difficult for other languages we can choose to keep this only for English. If the bots can't do it then we can implement it in xat's chat itself like the hide inapp word option exists.

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