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I’m a bit confused


I started a chat discussion on xat.com and there was no manditory registration. I thought the chat was on its own and with the name I provided as well as the password, there was no need for an account. however, there was no way for me to input information so I went on the homepage and saw you needed an account, BUT there’s no registration option. I googled xat registration I signed up for this forum thinking it was the same thing but it’s clearly not. How can I create an account to start my chat on xat.com NOT forum.xat.com?

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Go to a chat, e.g. https://xat.com/help and click at your name, which is on the top right of the userlist.


After that just click on the Register button, you will then be redirected to the register page.




Note: You may want to use gmail as email, due to reliability.

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