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Help me with System Error 26



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Happy new year.

I went online today. I'm unable to receive days and the error reads : System error 26.

Now I am here because i'm unable to open tickets under the "Account block" department therefore i'd like some answers on what is going on. 

The help chat notified me that i should come here and seek for help.



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Receiving error 26 means that the person you’re trying to transfer to has an indefinite hold, otherwise known as error 55. If your friends/peers receive this error when trying to transfer to you, it’s true! You’ll need an Account Block ticket.


If you’re held, you should be able to login normally with no problems. Head over to xat.com/login, enter your account credentials, click on the grey play button and then head on over to xat.com/ticket. Once there, click on “Open New Ticket”. Select the help topic of “Account BLOCK”, give a brief summary in the subject box, (your subject MUST be 5+ words, a lot of people miss this!), and write a detailed message describing your issue, that must be in the English language. 


Since you’re logged in, there should be no issue sending an Account Block ticket. Double check that your subject is 5 or more words and that you’re logged in. Also ensure you’re sending your ticket to “ACCOUNT BLOCK” and not “A General Question or Concern”. 

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