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inchat report system (greport)

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Basically a group power designed to help facilitate staffing on chatrooms.




The power enables users to report others if they believe they've broken any rules, it helps prevent backseating and saves the trouble of pcing staff members (especially when they have nopc!)


Reports will send out a notification to online staff members, this also helps when staff members are busy and can't look at the chat to moderator 24/7. In the gif, you can see an area for additional information to add, users can add details and screenshots.




The gif above shows how moderators or owners would view the reports, hopefully it doesn't look too aesthetically displeasing. I couldn't think of any other places where you could easily access the reports. I'm aware that tab is used for tickle messages, but if you hover over it, it's intended to be a notification tab. If it wasn't obvious enough, I differentiated the colours of a tickle and a report (tickle alerts are green, the one in the gifs are red). Maybe a separate webpage that stores all reports would be cool too, enables the main owner to view on a later date.




Gcontrol settings, in order to prevent abuse:


Minimum rank to use report can be changed to e.g. member registered only.

Report time cooldown just means, the interval between each reports you can make (to prevent mass spam).

Who can receive notifications e.g. mods only, owners only or main only.

Blacklisted users, a list used to prevent anyone who consistently send reports.


As usual, feel free to give feedback.

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  • Can allow for reports to be made and archived to be reviewed later, especially if no staff are online at the moment
  • Perhaps an option could be made to allow for confidential reports
  • You won't have to rely on reporting directly to the main owner. With this, all staff can be alerted of a report


  • Easily spammable. Tons of people would abuse this to just annoy staff members. Gcontrol can slightly mitigate this, however, on most officials, member is a rank and therefore can probably just trusted to be tempmodded. Cooldown is an OK feature until users need to send multiple reports.  I think people would find a way to spam it regardless. 
  • Couldn't you easily just ask a staff member to PC you? Speaking from an official chat standpoint, I see no reason why a staff member would reject to PC you unless they're extremely busy (or if you're a malicious user)
  • I don't think this should be something that people have to pay for.

Seeing this come to fruition would be great, of course with some additonal fine-tuning. 


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Not a bad idea, but reinforce that it would be allowed only for righteous users, or members which do not intend to spam or disrupt reports. This report process still needs several adjustments, even so it wouldn't be without failures.


Also, remember that you may be opting to just ask to a higher rank user to private chat and report irregularities is a valid idea.


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Realmadrid and Angelo, thank you for the kind and thoughtful replies.


To your cons respectively

Spam is probably the main issue I see from this, but as long as you don't give attention to the trolls and ignore the reports, I doubt they will continue. Besides ticklespamming is aganst the rules at help, sending false reports can be too. This is why in the screenshot of gcontrol options, I specifically included 'guest registered' only, prevents random toons from sending reports.


It's not a nice conversation to have, everytime I see someone attempting to report someone, they ask the moderator to pc them and then the moderator asks you why you want to pc them, forces you to openly admit what your intentions are. It sounds easy enough, but some people don't like being called a 'snitch'. The best solution would just have moderators moderate the chat, but this idea is to help facilitate staffing, not completely resolve it. It also helps when staff members are away from keyboard.


Powers that can be easily abused should not be free, for example boot (imagine every owner having the ability to boot). This feature is exclusive, not a need.

Also if we're being realistic, this will never be made unless it's a group power which can be sold through store.


Yup, it definitely needs more fine-tuning and consideration. I make things on the spur of the moment and it's definitely a work in progress.



To Nixs, I think you would be surprised with the amount of people who would lend their help if you gave an easier method of doing so. But obviously, it entices trolls as well, but that's just how it is. Thanks for replying. (:

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This IS a good idea, its well explain and i absolutely loved that. 

Although, i don't think this should be a power, but an add-on to HTML5.

Every system CAN be abused, all that needs to be done its adding a system to prevent that, like, if a user send multiple fake reports, he can be banned from the system.

Like other have said, this could work for when there's no active staff at the Chat room and something bad is happening, maybe when a user higher and a selected one in the Gcontrol goes online, the report shows to him in the way you showed (gif).




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Should be a feature for trusted members and above on the chat, that way this can't be spammed with.

If it was for trusted members and above, this could prevent toons from abusing it as well.

I think this should not be a power, but a feature or members and above on a chat.

I really like this idea!

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This is one of the best suggestions I've seen. It should be a free feature available to all chats, though. Who can use the feature in each chat should be up to the Main Owner(s).


19 hours ago, Angelo said:

Couldn't you easily just ask a staff member to PC you? Speaking from an official chat standpoint, I see no reason why a staff member would reject to PC you unless they're extremely busy (or if you're a malicious user)

I sometimes go through the problem of a staff member I am trying to contact being AFK while having No-PC on, and most of the time they're usually the only staff on. Some staff members on the other hand simply force you to open up about something you wish to talk in private. But some staff members don't seem to understand what a private chat means, hence why they force you to open up.

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The ability to report users on the chat itself shouldn't be locked behind a paywall - this should be something already available as a feature for all. This would make a good addition to the HTML5 chat if that ever releases.

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