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I bought days&xats but I do not get them


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57 minutes ago, MistarLopata said:

I bought days&xats but I do not get them

Hi MistarLopata, 


If you have received an email confirmation about your purchase then proceed to login on your account. If you still didn't received your xats and days even after logging in then please proceed to Crow's suggestion by opening a ticket.


Good luck and good day



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Hi MistarLopata,


If you successfully purchased xats and days from the xat store (xat.com/buy), but have not yet received them, you should open a support ticket in the Payment Problems department. Click here to create a ticket.


You MUST be a "paid" user (which you should be anyway) and logged in to create this ticket. Please ensure your ticket subject is 5 words or more, e.g. "I haven't received my xats/days". Make sure your password doesn’t include symbols or other characters.


Within the ticket message, please specify your problem in detail and the amount/date/payment method you used, so the volunteers/administrators can better assist you. For more help with creating tickets, see the ticket wiki article or ask the staff on xat.com/Help.


Note that the Payment Problems department is NOT delayed at the time of writing, so reply times should be relatively normal (although it depends if administrators need to intervene). In any case, please be patient for a response, and check the email address associated with your account for a notification of reply.


If you cannot open a ticket, you can first try changing browsers, using incognito mode, and clearing your cookies/cache. Also, you are typically only allowed to have 1 open ticket at a time. If you already have a ticket open and are still waiting for a reply, please continue to be patient, or message a volunteer on the chats or forums and ask for it to be temporarily closed.

Alternatively, if you receive errors for no reason whatsoever, despite following all procedures, please message a volunteer (again on the chats or forums) and politely ask them to open one for you, providing your registered name and identification number (ID), along with a brief explanation of your problem (i.e. that you bought xats/days from the store but they've not yet been received). You should provide a screenshot of your attempt to create the ticket.


I hope that helps, but if you need anything else at all, or have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Thanks!

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A week has passed without any activity, so I'll mark this topic as resolved. 


If you have any follow-up questions, please send @Angelo or myself a private message, or visit xat.com/help



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