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Account Block


Good natt, I like to be informed because I had my account blocked a time ago and did not knows what to do I was told to open a ticket and I was little annoyed


The ticket was opened, I already answered the questions but for almost a month I have no answers back, I like to solve this problem as possible, can you help me to find out the reason? because I respond quickly it takes so long; sjalv

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I'm sorry to hear, this may be frustrating but you need to remain patient for a reply on your ticket. In fact, hundreds of other users have the same problem as you and also waiting to be answered. You can view this information by clicking in ticket times, some departments are delayed.


Volunteers are currently working on removing these delays across a number of reasons why this delay arises that has been decreased from 5-6 months to 1-2 months.


Nevertheless, there are cases where they can be delayed for a long time that user doesn't open a ticket (1-2 years) can be redirected to admins for more information and consequently slower replies based on their individual circumstances.


While it's a good idea to figure out the reason for delays, posting on the forums will not speed up the answring process.

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