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Hi guys, itVq9tJ.png

another elements in my mind!!  magic dust is an element of magic dust, I found it very difficult to suggest this power, but I think something can be achieved, but I tried to make it as believable and magical as possible!!



OjrxcZ2.png DUSTMAGIC (moved) main smile!!                                      HAT:    Magic Dust Around Pawn -  Rain Magic


stock-vector-light-star-effect-582622981   stock-photo-gold-dust-on-a-black-backgro  62567439-l-39-oro-scintillante-stella-po    fairy-pixie-dust-overlay-texture-free-th  47749677-gold-glittering-stars-dust-trai   stock-vector-glow-light-effect-vector-il   gold-glitter-cloud-burst-effect-sparklin 1.jpg  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQfj-8UM5GdgIaKgzG6JMB 431753b64fb1f9ff6a41fad84d4dfe23.jpg 643x0w.jpg scaletowidth

The smilies can Be: GoldDustMagic - Noel DustMagic - SandDust - AuraMagic - Swave Magic - WaterfallWave - Whirlfx2 Magic - Spray Magic - Rain Magic1 and Magic2 - WindingUP Gold  - chandelier Magic - Christmas Magic Dust - Diamond Gold - Scary Face Gold



(1) Dust Magix have a back and moved //  (2) Noel It is a concentrated whirl of dust that wanders the smile and ends in a noel in the upper right corner  //  (3) Swave Magic it is as if the magic dust is formed in the middle and disappears with a little vortex on the left  //  (4) WaterfallWave it is like a small waterfall that sways at the end on the right  //  (5) Whirlfx2 it's like the whirlfx of bubbles, diagonally swaying  //  (6) Spray the image is like a spray of magic dust  //  (7) Rain1 it is the rain gold glitter of dust and a little orange and Rain2 is glitter gold //  (8) WindingUP it is the vortex that starts from below and wraps the smile up to the top //  (9) Chandelier is illuminated  // (10) a cute Xtre Magic  //  (11) Diamond Gold  //  (12) Scary Gold Face Magic is a scary face with small hand squashed in the screen and desappears slowly in the left.
 dd573d549249.jpg  fairy-2189739_1920.png  7WcQEvg.png

Bonus smilies: Pyramid Black Gold (allineament Gold moved) - Fairy Dust Magic (the magical fairy that moves like magic) - Scorpion Dust Magic (Aura Dust Magic moved) - Scorpion Hand Dust Magic (the hand have a soul magic that goes up and appears in the other hand) - Attack Scorpion: Scorpion give a attack of the chain magic!! 


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I can see the headlines now: xat sells DUST to outraged users! 8-)


On 12/12/2017 at 4:32 PM, Only said:

Gorilla with mini mini light eyes, 


The gorilla seems slightly random. What are "mini mini light eyes"?


Some of your descriptions are difficult to conceptualize too, but at least you've provided existing smiley effects as a reference point. 


Ultimately, it's an interesting variety of effects that you've provided here. It could be a nice break between smiley powers. 

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On 14/12/2017 at 2:53 PM, Crow said:

The gorilla seems slightly random. What are "mini mini light eyes"?


two light points  (maniac) i set many smilies for the gorilla like Aura black dust, sea swaves, Winding it is as if I saw the powder form focus in the middle
and ends like when decorating a pastry, is a nice combo for other smilies, the dust have only 2 color Black and Gold and the back, doublefire it's like two fire soul, than there is a Rain like matrix but glitter gold and black and for end the big one Scorpion of mortal Kombat and the Pyramid Black Dust allineament Gold

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