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How Long Have You Had Your Current Username?

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Although I joined xat in May 2012 I first used the name Jonathan1990 on a discussion site in 2010 which does not exist now I don't think where I only posted once. The name became popular on radio chats and forums based in the UK during 2011. However the very first site I became a member on was TV. Com in 2007 under the username 01milnej which I had from 2002 at school on their computers. This was to write a review about my hatred for Family Guy at the time. Would like to know how long you've had your username for and if you had another username before it.

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I've been known as Crow since February 2014, and Four since October 2014. Both after purchasing the respective short names. 


Prior to that, I was Hitokage (the Japanese name for Charmander) for about 7 years. 


13 hours ago, Jonathan1990 said:

This was to write a review about my hatred for Family Guy at the time.


What didn't you like about it? :$

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I’ve gone by my real name Madison (and Madi as well) since 2013. I was on xat for many years before that though using a couple other names. The first name I ever used on xat was “Beta” in 2008, which I then switched to my Club Penguin name “Cookiegurl9”, but I usually just shortened it to “Cookie”... (Oh man, those days). But after quitting for almost 2 years and returning in 2013, that’s when I decided to start using my real name instead, as it felt the most “normal” for me.


Apart from xat, I have always used the username “Reislust” for practically everything. It is the Dutch word for what is known as “wanderlust” in English: A strong desire to travel.

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