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  1. 1. Who wants the name to be able to use more characters? You want?

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Hello Dear Love @Admin Can you help me? xD
That's what I know, but I wanted this name with more characters, that's why I called for help!

Angelo Say so: Just as I suspected. There is a limit of 128 characters in the "Avatar" box for xat. You have 356 characters in your name. Client-side, you can see it just fine, as the limit doesn't affect you. However, for everyone else, we only see everything up to the 129th character.

Shorten your name, and it should work just fine.
Ty for HELP - Angelo, Charlie 
More About This:

My question is, why in my name looks good, but everyone does not show the full name? why?
I want to be able to use more characters in the name, is it possible?

Good Night! tomorrow I will see what results I have.(goo)(wailing) Poll Vote: I vote yes! (is my topic, and I really want to do this) xD


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