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xat needs new volunteers?

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Hello, Do you think xat needs new volunteers?
After a few replies I have a few suggestions, I have a list of many new things that everyone ignores, including administrators and other users who just sniff xat. (kill xat)
* Answer with yes or no, after you have to mention the reason why you voted. (YES / NO)
* Do you have any idea who might be a new volunteer?
* Who deserves to be a new volunteer?
Please sincerity, if I do not like how you comment, I will give orders to be deleted or hidden! (because it's my topic).

- Marek: Because he is a trusted person and he is the main owner in official xat. (like all those people underneath)
- Sevda: - Arthur: - Luca: - Stif: - Solage: - LaFleur: - DEyvid; - Madi: - IDima: - Away: - iRen: - Steven: - Sydno; - Carly: - Life: - Elie; - Maverick:
- Manu: This person has gone, but he can come back anytime! ( i Think)
Here you can find the list of trusted people who are the main owner in official xat. - xat Chats Official

From this large list of people, I want to know why they are not chosen to be volunteers, or do not have enough trust in them?
I do not say it all, but you can choose a lot of people here to trust. (who may be volunteers)

Existing reasons:
- Maybe Not everyone wants to be volunteers.
- Maybe they do not have much free time.
- They may not be willing to volunteer.
And many other reasons, I want to know them all! (because I know a lot of people here are very active on xat)

For 500 to 5000 active people, there must be at least 20 to 50 volunteers.
If everyone solves the problem easily, you will be pleased to use xat, and continue loving xat.
I speak for myself and my friends. (many left because they waited a long time to solve a simple problem).
This is my opinion, I can create a book about xat, but I do not want to spare my time for nothing. (I love xat, more than many people who just talk and do nothing).
Thanks. :$:( 

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Since xat doesn’t accept such recommendations at this time, this topic serves no purpose. And no, we don’t need at least 20-50 volunteers.

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