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Over the past few days, a lot of users have been receiving "Login Failed" while attempting to login to their accounts, this thread will explain steps to take.


The first, and foremost, method is to turn protection OFF and then press "update security settings" which should then allow you to login. If this does not work, turn protection back on and follow the steps below.


Next we are going to attempt to trigger E30 or E64 (Security checks) which will send a login link to your email with a login PIN attached - which will allow you to login. Once you have received this email the "Login Failed" message should disappear and allow you to login.


Step 1: Open incognito (private) browsing and go to the login page (xat.com/login) and attempt to login to your account - if this does not trigger E30 or E64 then go on to the next step.


Step 2: Clear your browsers cookies other data and go to xat.com/login and attempt to login, if this doesn't trigger E30 or E64 try the next step.


Step 3: Use your mobile to attempt to trigger the errors. DO NOT USE YOUR WIFI TO DO THIS. Open xat.com/login using your mobile data and attempt to login to Xat. If you are unable to use mobile data for this, use the puffin app. If the errors are still not triggered move on to the next step.


Step 4: Only do this if the above methods have not worked for you. Go to an online proxy (such as proxysite.com) and go to "xat.com/login" and enter your login details (don't worry, you're still sending the data to xat over a secure connection) and it should trigger protection or the added security check (E30, E64 respectively).


If none of these above methods come to Help and one of the helpers will assist you further.

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